The past six years have beard witness to epic challenges, whose outcome against all odds has yielded milestones and landmark achievements, compelling us to further aims and higher goals.

To that aim, we are glad to have successfully completed the foundation of fundamental infrastructures for Hong Kong enabling it to carry out its aspirations and pivotal role as gateway to China and an international trade and financial center, in the Islamic Financial and Banking arena.

• Our Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) was officially established on August 3rd, 2007 with the support of The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong to facilitate the screening and certification of Shariah Compliant Hong Kong companies and products seeking to attract investments and interact with Islamic investors and funds.

• We are pleased to also inform you that we have launched the first Hong Kong Islamic Index in an effort to support Hong Kong’s ambitions to develop into an Islamic financial centre. Both BLOOMBERG and REUTERS have been contracted as disseminating agents for the HK Islamic Index (HKII) worldwide.

• Furthermore, we are delighted to announce the opening of also a first in Hong Kong and the Greater China Region, our International Islamic Mediation & Arbitration Centre (IMAC), with the participation of a select panel of leading Arbitrators and cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

• Moreover, we are proud to announce creation of The Mosque Building Fund (MBF), a charitable initiative aimed solely at creating sustainable funding and support for the development of Mosques, Islamic Community Centers, Child & Elderly Care, Social Rehab and Retirement Homes, in collaboration with The United Muslim Association of Hong Kong (UMAH).

• Last but not least we are additionally proud to introduce a likewise first in Hong Kong, our Hong Kong Institute of Islamic Studies (HKIS), offering a range of professional educational programs, from Islamic Law (Shariah), Islamic Finance and Banking to Islamic Insurance (Takaful). Such programs are being availed to corporations and individuals alike in cooperation with The Institute of Professional Education and Knowledge (PEAK).

• In compliment to such milestone endeavors, we are honored to announce our ArabCham publishing again a first in Hong Kong; an almanac of Islamic cultural, judicial and financial standards, titled Basic Mechanics of Islamic Capitalism (ISBN 978-988-17217-2-3), a veritable full perspective of the evolution in Islamic Law, Banking, Finance and Insurance concepts over the past three decades, now available at major bookstores near you, or online through (Kindle), (ebay) and (Amazon).

The Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been welcomed and its initiatives applauded, receiving praise, support and unequivocal congratulations from:
• The Hong Kong SAR Government.
• The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce.
• The General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Arab Countries.
• The Union of Arab Banks (UAB).
• The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx).
• The Islamic Corporation for Insurance of Investments and Export Credits (ICIEC).
• The United Muslim Association of Hong Kong (UMAH).
• The Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
… to name a few.

Notwithstanding the foregoing earned merits, I/we in turn call upon your valuable involvement and participation in maintaining and nurturing such achievements, looking forward with your support towards realizing further developments, equally significant undertakings, alliances and successful accomplishments for the benefit of all.

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