As The Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ArabCham) celebrates its first decade, the chamber has grown from a handful of businesses into an organization that connects over 500,00 businesses.

To honor its first decade, ArabCham is holding a series of activities geared specifically showing films and hosting symposiums on business, religion and politics in the Arab World.

The ArabCham developed in response to two needs, said Lord Edwin E. Hitti, its President in his mission statement; serve as an information centre for developing businesses and an incubator for fruitfull relationships. The ArabCham purpose is to advocate and aid entrepreneurs for economic empowerment and to assist those willing to embrace the concept of learning about Islamic Banking and Finance. ArabCham will always work hand-in-hand with other Chambers, Private and Government Organizations to develop multilateral relationships and build a better future.”

Among other highlights is ArabCham’s International Islamic Mediation & Arbitration Centre (IMAC) receiving The Permanent Court of Arbitration’s (PCA) Secretary General, Mr. Hugo Siblesz, who expressed in a follow-up letter to Lord Edwin “…I would like to sincerely thank you for discussing themes underlying dispute settlement. I’m sure there is a great opportunity for cooperation between our two institutions”



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