You could improve your career growth prospects by simply becoming an internationally recognized Shariah Advisor 


Submit a one page personal profile outlining your accurate full name, contact particulars, field of practice, religious credentials (if any), relevant qualifications, and professional experience.

Please note that there is no policy requiring course providers or organizations to provide endorsement or accreditation for expertise recognition. Chamber secretariat would exercise its own judgment as to whether each background constitutes expert qualification.

Secretariat may admit job experience, programs offered by Institutes or other qualifications, so long as it considers such knowledge suitable and relevant to the individuals’ expert development.

Applicants are reminded to keep evidence of activities, employment references, course reports, published papers, certificates of completion, attendance records, etc… CPD hours are counted on an actual attendance basis as well.

  • Banking & Finance Shariah Advisor
  • Mediation & Arbitration Shariah Advisor

Become permanently listed at the ArabCham’s International Registry and get your Certificate.

LinkedIn Chamber Group members would be entitled to a twenty percent (20%) discount.




Certification of Documents  plays a key function in the global trade landscape. The majority of Governments and agencies rely on the expertise and knowledge of Chambers of Commerce due to their trusted and credible standing

CO-cert_singleMany if not all countries, within the Arab World in particular, require that trade documents be certified by a competent Chamber of Commerce to ensure their custodian’s legitimacy before they can be admitted as valid credentials.

The Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry is an internationally recognized organization that has been providing without prejudice certification and assertion of documents services since 2006, enhancing individual, commercial, logistical, official and legal document’s accreditation and authenticity.

A Certificate of Origin (CO) and/or Commercial Invoice (CI) are among the most commonly required documents for each shipment. Other related documents may be placed under the CO and CI (new revised forms recommended but not compulsory).




Halal Certifications officially verify that your products, services and/or enterprise is/are in compliance with internationally recognized Shariah requirements

Halal ArabCham certified2Thereby qualifying any/all food products cooked and/or produced to be in accordance with ‘Halal’ food standards, provided that all such consumable goods are made of Halal aliments and are prepared in compliance with Islamic tenets, therefore deemed lawful for Muslims consumption.

Investments and commercial practices which are in accordance with the Islamic principles are called ‘Shariah Compliant’, and are also deemed to be Halal, therefore lawful for Muslims adoption. There are sets of principal rules which need to be adhered to when analyzing such from the standpoint of Shariah permissibility.




Excellence Awards are conferred annually and on occasion

The award recipients are selected by a panel of jurors to recognize the individuals, and enterprises, that have made a positive impact in our communities over time.

ArabCham AwardEvery year, individuals, organizations, staff  and entrepreneurs join together to honor and celebrate business excellence.

The Awards publicly recognize outstanding businesses, organizations and individuals who demonstrated distinction in performance and a compassion for the community.

Join us in showing our respect and appreciation to those who make us an amazing society.


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